"I am a Wife, Mom of 4(all active in sports), and have a full time job that I love, and I'm over weight! I haven't taken time out for myself in a long time! I have now made a priority to start to love and enjoy my self again. One of my friends kept trying to get me to go to Zumba with her and I was so afraid of failure and being judged for my weight. That is not the case at Shake It Fitness in Sand Springs. I was welcome with open arms, encouragement, laughter, great music, etc. I love it because it is not just Zumba. It is so much more than that! We do cardio, stretching, floor, weights, and the list goes on. This is my new home away from home at least twice a week. Since starting this journey in November, I have lost 20lbs and can look in the mirror for the first time in a long time. I have a long way to go before I reach my goal but I started this with the "No EXCUSES!" attitude. I am a very busy person but have realized that I deserve to be healthy and fit. You got to love yourself before you can love anybody else! I want to thank Kathryn Blake for staying on me! I also want to thank Lora @ Shake It Fitness for opening a place that I call my fitness home."

~Kim Jordan


"Shake it Fitness has something for everyone. I love that I can switch it up each week and never get bored with working out. I started going for my addiction to Zumba. Since then I have tried many other classes that have strengthened me inside and out. Lora is not an "in your face" instructor but she has you moving before you realize it! She has something for everyone and is always teaching us new tricks! I am grateful to have found such a great place to work out!"

~Kathryn Blake


"Hello My name is Laurie Joslin. I just wanted to take a moment and tell you what a wonderful studio SHAKE IT-DANCE & FITNESS STUDIO is. Lora Richmond is an awesome instructor. She makes you feel so comfortable, but at the same time encourages you to push yourself. Being a busy business owner, I have not been able to attend as much as I need to and yet I feel no pressure if I miss.........only ENCOURAGEMENT to get back in the saddle. Now that's the kind of workout company I want to be a member of. Someone who is understanding of my busy schedule, but is still very interested in the fact that I need to be more involved with a weekly fitness routine. I would highly recommend SHAKE IT-DANCE & FITNESS STUDIO for any beginner, intermediate, or advance student. It is a new year and I can not think of any better place to start the year off with than under the care, and instruction of SHAKE IT-DANCE & FITNESS STUDIO!"

~Laurie Joslin


"What I know is that when I walk in the door at Shake It, I feel welcome. There is a quiet and yet fun camaraderie where participants laugh and groan and cheer each other on. It makes me want to complete "one more repetition". The classes stretch me but not so much that I am miserable the next day. Being with others makes the exercise time fly. It makes me want to come back. When I leave after belly dancing or Butts and Gutts or Yoga, I feel so much lighter and younger and focused. This is an unsolicited thank you for the wonderful addition you have brought to the Sand Springs area."

~THANK YOU! Barbara Pinkerton


"Ever made a decision that would turned out greater than you ever imagined? Seen amazing weight loss results by simply dancing and having fun? Interested? Lora and her team at Shake It Studio have helped turned my personal goals into reality. They have taken the boring out of "working out" and have created a fun, positive environment for everyone. Losing 25 pounds and saying good-bye to my love handles proves that a little dancing and a lot of fun give big rewards. I have personally found a place that makes me feel like I can reach my ultimate goals and come away with new friends and a new me. Thank you Lora for your vision of Shake It Studio and sharing your skills with individuals of every shape and size."

~Heidi Garrett


"Shortly after beginning classes at Shake It! Dance Studio, I had the fortunate opportunity to meet Katie. Within the first few minutes of class, I learned that she is quite hilarious, her teaching style is gentle but firm, and she has a way of making Belly Dance a story we tell with our movement. With her Mona Lisa smile, quick wit, and enduring patience, she pushes us to the next level without us even realizing we just mastered a more difficult dance move. I feel as if I joined a wonderful, sweet, spiritual sisterhood and wish to continue to learn and grow with the wonderful women at Shake It! Dance Studio!

When Lora came in to my store promoting Shake It! Dance Studio I was very excited. A new home town business is always great. Lora’s friendly, calm, and encouraging aura gave me the encouragement to even try! First class - HOOKED. Lora made me feel at home and able. Always, it has been about what I can and want to do; my goals and how she can help me reach those goals. Since I've started I have lost 25 pounds and several inches (size 22 to size 16). The compliments from family and friends are welcome and regardless I feel great!

Having a personal trainer is a trust relationship; Lora is a teacher, mentor, mother, sister, daughter, and friend. I feel like she looks forward to seeing me every class and in turn I look forward to seeing her! Her words of encouragement, her teasing and humor, and her dedication to my individual success creates a motivational environment I admire and strive to be worthy of. I encourage all who want to have some fun, feel better and perhaps lose a few pounds to come and join us.Looking forward to seeing you all."

~Rhonda Selig


"After many years of working out in the gym 4 days a week and teaching or rehearsing belly dance several more hours a week, I still wasn't able to achieve the results I wanted. I have been working out with Lora Richmond since April 2013 when Shake it- Dance and Fitness opened. Even though I can only make 1 or 2 classes with her a week, I have had amazing results! To date, I have lost 15 pounds and 2 pants sizes. I have more energy, and I rest better at night. Lora and all the other ladies at Shake it are very friendly and go out of their way to make you feel welcome. The studio itself is gorgeous and very, very clean. The instructors are so kind and supportive no matter what your fitness level, and truly want to see you succeed!"

~Katie Piccininno




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