Frequently Asked Questions

“What do I wear?” - Comfortable work out clothes. Clothes you can move freely in. In fitness classes we wear sneakers. In belly dance classes we dance barefoot or you can wear appropriate dance shoes. Sports Bra Recommended. If you have a belly dance hip scarf? Please bring it.

“What do I need to bring with me?” - Please bring water to drink, hand towel if needed, smile and patience.

“How much does it cost?” - Personal Training and Private Lessons Available, $35/one hour session or 4 sessions $100. Dance or fitness classes. 8 Class Punch Cards $40 or $10 per drop-in class. Punch Cards Expire 8 Weeks After Purchase. Sorry No Refunds.

“Will I get a workout?” - Of Course, in each and every class you will get a cardio workout, muscle toning of the entire body. All classes emphasize posture, flexibility and balance.

“What parts of the body will get fit?” - In the fitness classes we concentrate on all major muscle groups. The power house “fat burners” of the body: legs, glutes, back & chest. These muscles burn the most calories. The more muscle tone you have they more calories you will burn even at rest. We have 30 min. of Cardio built into every class. The more cardio you do, the more those muscles will be able to be seen. In belly dance class you will learn to isolate muscle control and move your body in ways you never imagined. Stabilizing the core and working areas of the whole body and the “Belly!”

“How often do I need to come?” - Offering a variety of classes for every level. Convenient times and dates to fit your busy schedule. Come find the class (or CLASSES) that's right for you!

“How do the punch cards work?” - You can mix & match classes to find your perfect workout. We offer a wide variety of classes & class times. 8 Class Punch Cards $40 or $10 per drop-in class. Punch Cards Expire 8 Weeks After Purchase. Sorry No Refunds.

“Can anyone come to class?” - All fitness levels welcome. We offer modifications for every class. 12 years old and above. Men are welcome to come to Zumba® Yoga and Belly Dance. Helping You Regain Your Zest for Life. Get Fit, Build Endurance & Strength. Achieve Health & Wellness While Having Fun in a Dance or Fitness Class.

“What is your age range?” - 12 and over.

“How many students are in your classes?” - We are a small “boutique gym.” Approx. 3 - 15. This type of training enhances compliance, builds a feeling of tribal belonging, and considerably ups the fun factor, especially if you have a great trainer who understands group dynamic well, when you’re giving 110 percent, sweating with the same group every workout, you come away with a great feeling of connectedness and team spirit, you will personally have a whole new social group because of small group training.

“What are the benefits of personal training?” - PERSONAL TRAINING GIVES YOU MANY ADVANTAGES: Helping you to Regain a Zest for life, Identifying and Managing Life Stresses, Motivation & Support, Injury Prevention and Guidance to Modify any Workout, Postural Analysis, Continued On-Hand Advice, Accountability so you get the most from EVERY workout, Efficiency - Personal Trainers make the most of your resources, Coaching to help you overcome those potentially defeating obstacles in life, Advice for meal preparation and planning.

“What if I haven’t worked out in a long time or I’ve never been to a group fitness class?” - Come Join Us! Give it a Shot!!!! You'll love It!!!



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